Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty. All over the world she was a symbol of selfless humanity. All over the world, a standard bearer for the right of the truly downtrodden, a very British girl who transcend nationality, someone with a natural nobility who was classless.

This is the text of Earl Spencer's tribute to his sister at her funeral. There is some very deep, powerful and heartfelt sentiment. Would that those at whom it is aimed would take heed. The versions posted on several news services had minor errors. This is precisely as it was deliverd.

I stand before you today the representative of a family in grief, in a country in mourning before a world in shock.

We are all united not only in our desire to pay our respects to Diana but rather in our need to do so.

For such was her extraordinary appeal that the tens of millions of people taking part in this service all over the world via television and radio who never actually met her, feel that they, too, lost someone close to them in the early hours of Sunday morning. It is a more remarkable tribute to Diana than I can ever hope to offer her today.

Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty. All over the world she was a symbol of selfless humanity, a standard-bearer for the rights of the truly downtrodden, a very British girl who transcended nationality, someone with a natural nobility who was classless, who proved in the last year that she needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic.

Today is our chance to say "thank you" for the way you brightened our lives, even though God granted you but half a life. We will all feel cheated, always, that you were taken from us so young and yet we must learn to be grateful that you came along at all.

Only now you are gone do we truly appreciate what we are now without and we want you to know that life without you is very, very difficult.

We have all despaired at our loss over the past week and only the strength of the message you gave us through your years of giving has afforded us the strength to move forward.

There is a temptation to rush to canonize your memory. There is no need to do so. You stand tall enough as a human being of unique qualities not to need to be seen as a saint. Indeed to sanctify your memory would be to miss out on the very core of your being, your wonderfully mischievous sense of humor with the laugh that bent you double, your joy for life transmitted wherever you took your smile, and the sparkle in those unforgettable eyes, your boundless energy which you could barely contain.

But your greatest gift was your intuition, and it was a gift you used wisely. This is what underpinned all your wonderful attributes. And if we look to analyze what it was about you that had such a wide appeal, we find it in your instinctive feel for what was really important in all our lives.

Without your God-given sensitivity, we would be immersed in greater ignorance at the anguish of AIDS and HIV sufferers, the plight of the homeless, the isolation of lepers, the random destruction of land mines. Diana explained to me once that it was her innermost feelings of suffering that made it possible for her to connect with her constituency of the rejected.

And here we come to another truth about her. For all the status, the glamour, the applause, Diana remained throughout a very insecure person at heart, almost childlike in her desire to do good for others so she could release herself from deep feelings of unworthiness of which her eating disorders were merely a symptom.

The world sensed this part of her character and cherished her for her vulnerability, whilst admiring her for her honesty. The last time I saw Diana was on July the first, her birthday, in London, when typically she was not taking time to celebrate her special day with friends but was guest of honor at a fund-raising charity evening.

She sparkled of course, but I would rather cherish the days I spent with her in March when she came to visit me and my children in our home in South Africa. I am proud of the fact that apart from when she was on public display meeting President Mandela, we managed to contrive to stop the ever-present paparazzi from getting a single picture of her.

That meant a lot to her.

These were days I will always treasure. It was as if we'd been transported back to our childhood, when we spent such an enormous amount of time together, the two youngest in the family.

Fundamentally she hadn't changed at all from the big sister who mothered me as a baby, fought with me at school and endured those long train journeys between our parents' homes with me at weekends. It is a tribute to her level-headedness and strength that despite the most bizarre life imaginable after her childhood, she remained intact, true to herself.

There is no doubt that she was looking for a new direction in her life at this time. She talked

endlessly of getting away from England, mainly because of the treatment she received at the hands of the newspa-pe-rs.

I don't think she ever understood why her genuinely good intentions were sneered at by the media, why there appeared to be a permanent quest on their behalf to bring her down. It is baffling. My own, and only, explanation is that genuine goodness is threatening to those at the opposite end of the moral spectrum.

It is a point to remember that of all the ironies about Diana, perhaps the greatest was this; that a girl given the name of the ancient goddess of hunting was, in the end, the most hunted person of the modern age.

She would want us today to pledge ourselves to protecting her beloved boys William and Harry from a similar fate. And I do this here, Diana, on your behalf. We will not allow them to suffer the anguish that used regularly to drive you to tearful despair.

Beyond that, on behalf of your mother and sisters, I pledge that we, your blood family, will do all we can to continue the imaginative and loving way in which you were steering these two exceptional young men, so that their souls are not simply immersed by duty and tradition but can sing openly as you planned.

We fully respect the heritage into which they have both been born, and will always respect and encourage them in their royal role. But we, like you, recognize the need for them to experience as many different aspects of life as possible, to arm them spiritually and emotionally for the years ahead. I know you would have expected nothing less from us.

William and Harry, we all care desperately for you today. We are all chewed up with sadness at the loss of a woman who wasn't even our mother. How great your suffering is we cannot even imagine.

I would like to end by thanking God for the small mercies he has shown us at this dreadful time; for taking Diana at her most beautiful and radiant and when she had joy in her private life.

Above all, we give thanks for the life of a woman I am so proud to be able to call my sister: the unique the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana, whose beauty, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our minds.

名人经典英语演讲稿 [篇2]

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen,Good afternoon!

主席先生,各位来宾,大家午安! Before I introduce our cultural programs, only tell you one thing first about 2015. You're going tohave a great time in Beijing.

在我介绍我们的文化项目之前,首先我要告诉你们一件有关于2015的事情,那就是你们将在北京度过一段美好的时光。 Many people are fascinated by Chins's sport legends in the history. For example, back to SongDynasty, which was the 11th century, people in our country started to play a game called Cuju,which is regarded as the origin of ancient football. The game was so popular that women were alsoparticipating. Now, you would probably understand why our women's football team does so welltoday.

很多人都对中国历史上的体育传奇感兴趣。例如,早在宋代,大约11世纪,人们开始玩一个叫蹴鞠的游戏,这被看作是足球古老的起源。这个游戏很受欢迎,妇女也来参加。现在,你就会明白,为什么我们的女子足球队这么厉害了。 There are a lot more wonderful and exciting events waiting for you in the New Beijing, a modernmetropolis with 3,000 years of cultural treasures woven into the urban tapestry. Along with theiconic imagery of the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall, the city also offersan endless mixture of theatres, museums, discos, all kinds of restaurants and shopping malls whichwill amaze and delight you.

还有更多精彩的事物在等着你。在新北京,一个充满活力的现代化大都市,交织3000年的文化宝藏的'城市面貌,伴随着象征意象的紫禁城、天坛、万里长城正在向您展开,这个城市有着多样的的影院、博物馆、舞厅、各种餐馆和购物中心,正在让您感到惊喜与兴奋。 But beyond all that, this is a city of millions of friendly people who love to meet people from aroundthe world. They believe if the 2015 Olympics is held in Beijing, it will help to enhance the harmonybetween our culture and diverse cultures of the world. And gurantee their gratitude will pour out inopen expressions of affection for you and the great Movement that you guide. 但除此之外,它是一个深受几百万喜爱,可以满足来自全世界的人的城市。北京人民相信,如果2015年奥运会将在北京举办,将会促进我们的文化会与世界多元文化相互交融。他们会公开表达对奥运的期盼之情了,你可以见证你和伟大的运动间的文化交流。 Within our cultural programs, education and communication will receive the highest priority. Weseek to create an intellectual and sporting legacy by broadening the understanding of the OlympicIdeals throughout the country.

在我们的文化发展中,教育和交流将得到优先发展,我们想要创造一个智力和体育遗产,通过在全国各地广阔传播人们对于奥运梦想的理解。 Cultural events will unfold each year, from 2015 to 2015. We will stage multi-disciplined culturalprograms,indluding concerts, exhibitions, art competitions and camps which will in

volve youngpeople from around the world. During the Olympics, these activites will also be held in the OlympicVillage and in the city for the benefit of the athletes.

文化活动也将因之而每一年开展,从2015年至2015年,我们将举办多元化的文化节目,如音乐会、展览会、美术比赛和夏令营,将涉及来自世界各地的青少年。奥运会期间, 这些活动还将为运动员们在奥运村和所在城市举办。 Our Ceremonies will give China's greatest-and the world's greatest artists a chance to celebrate thecommon aspiration of humanity and unique heritage of chinese culture and that of the OlympicMovement.

开幕式我们将给予我国和世界上顶级艺术家们一次机会,来欢庆人类的共同愿望和中国文化和奥林匹克运动的独特文化遗产。 With a concept inspired by the famed Silk Road, our Torch Relay will break new ground, travelingfrom Olympia through some of the oldest civilizations known to man-Greek, Roman, Egyptian,Byzantine, Mesopotamian, Persian, Arabian, Indian and Chinese. Carrying the message "Share thePeace, Share the Olympics," the eternal flame will reach new heights as it crosses the Himalayasover the world's highest summit - Mount Qomolangma, which is known to many of you as Mt.Everest. In China, the torch will pass through Tibet, cross Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, travel theGreat Wall and visit Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and 56 ethnic communities who make up oursociety. On its journey, the flame will be seen by and inspire more human beings than any previousrelay.

基于丝绸之路带来的灵感,我们的火炬接力将有新的突破,从奥林匹亚开始,穿越一些最古老的国家文明古国——希腊、罗马、埃及、拜占庭、美索不达米亚、波斯、阿拉伯、印度和中国。携带的信息“分享和平,分享奥运”永恒的火焰将达到新的高峰,因为它将穿越喜马拉雅山在世界的最高峰——珠穆朗玛峰。在中国,圣火还将穿过西藏,穿越长江与黄河,游历长城,并拜访香港,澳门,台湾和56个民族的人们,在这一历程之中,圣火的观看人数将超越所有之前的传递,儿它也将被激励更多的人参与到奥林匹克的大家庭中。 I am afraid I can not give you the full picture of our cultural programs within such a short period oftime. Before I end, let me share with you one story. Seven hundred years ago, amazed by hisincredible description of a far away land of great beauty, people asked Marco Polo whether hisstories about China were true. And Marco answered: What I have told you was not even half ofwhat I saw. Actually, what we have shown you here today is only a fraction of the Beijing thatawaits you.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

女士们, 先生们, I believe Beijing will prove to be a land of wonders to all of you, to athletes, spectators, and world-wide television audience alike. Come and join us. Thank you, Mr president. Thank you all. Now I'dlike to give the floor back to Mr. He.

我相信北京将向你们所有人证明它是一片神奇的土地, 不论是运动员,观众,还是全世界的电视观众。来吧,和我们一起来吧!谢谢主席先生。谢谢大家。 现在再次由请何振梁先生讲话。










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