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  Responsibility for preserving the natural environment ultimately belongs to each individual person, not to government.

  Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion stated above. Support your views with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.

  While nearly everyone would agree in principle that certain efforts to preserve the natural environment are in humankinds best interest, environmental issues always involve a tug of war among conflicting political and economic interests. For this reason, and because serious environmental problems are generally large in scale, government participation is needed to ensure environmental preservation.

  Experience tells us that individuals tend to act on behalf of their own short-term economic and political interest, not on behalf of the environment or the public at large. For example, current technology makes possible the complete elimination of polluting emissions from automobiles. Nevertheless, neither automobile manufacturers nor consumers are willing or able to voluntarily make the short-term sacrifices necessary to accomplish this goal. Only the government holds the regulatory and enforcement power to impose the necessary standards and to ensure that we achieve such goals.


  Spring Festival is the most important festival in China .Itrsquo;s to celebrate the lunar calendar lsquo;s new year .In the evening before the Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal .In many places people like to set off firecrackers .Dumplings are the most traditional food .Children like the festival very much ,because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes .They can also get some money from their parents. This money is given to children for good luck . People put New Year scrolls on the wall for good fortune .

  The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long .People visit relatives and friends with the words “Have all your wishes ”. People enjoy the Spring Festival ,during this time they can have a good rest .

  Things Happened in Spring Festival Today, I went shopping with my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a rare occasion because we hardly only get together few times in a year as a big family. On the way to the shopping mall, we watched the lion dance. Overall, we had an unforgettable day.


  In our growth path, there will always be a lot of wind and rain, cankone, not a smooth wind. When I read "reading for the rise of China", I learned a lot of things.

  Zhou enlai, the hero of the class, said: "read for the rise of China!" It made me think deeply, and made me correct many shortcomings:

  In class, I always love to be a little poor, and now as long as I am a little poor, "reading for the rise of China" is right there

  My ear echoed, as if to warn me: "dont open small difference! Dont start off! ...... "" I was so absorbed that I listened to my teacher.

  Sometimes because I did not sleep well the night before, and will be yawning in class during the day, often at this time, the words echoed in my ear again, as if to remind me: "how can yawning in class? In order to study for the rise of China, I immediately woke up, took up my mind and listened to the teacher carefully.

  This sentence of zhou enlai made me clear the goal of learning.

  I think I grew up!


  In the picture we can see bird parents fly away from the big tree to find more food for their families, leaving their children behind at home. The small birds are lonely and sad in their empty nests. We can imagine the difficulty they will have living on their own.

  The picture actually reflects a social phenomenon. In many rural areas of China, parents go to big cities to do migrant jobs though their young children need their love and care. As a result, new problems have arisen. Statistics show many children face psychological and emotional challenges. Some struggle to keep up with their lessons and end up dropping out to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Some others form bad habits or even commit crimes.

  It’s high time to solve these problems. First, the local government should create more job opportunities for these breadwinners. Second, teachers should give left-behind children more caring love by visiting their homes regularly. As middle school students, we can ask them to live together with us in our own homes.(159)


  I, day by day grew up. The mind, also day by day.

  Childhood childish joke, at this moment hundred million, can wrinkle the brow, exclamation a voice: the time is gone!

  Growing up, doing a lot of things, although still children in the eyes of parents, but some things are also natural

  The land is pushed to the shoulder, not willing to face, the people who do not want to meet, at the moment, must also deal with, to solve, to face, to shoulder the responsibility of an adult...

  Gradually, he learned how to stand up in the society, learned how to swallow the bitter water in his heart, and learned to face certain facts and facts in a calm and indifferent state of mind. But at the same time, all these things are becoming mature, and the cocoon of the heart is thickening in a layer.

  Growth is a normal physiological phenomenon.

  Growth is the demand of family and society, but the pressure of growth and psychological pressure, the distortion of character, is also duty-bound!


  "A suichu fireworks, energy-saving. Numerous households pupil pupil, the new peach old fu." It seems that in ancient times, people attached great importance to and loved the Spring Festival. The rabbit has gone in our behavior between we meet is a dragon.

  There are many dragon idioms, like what a scene of bustling activity. A lively dragon and an active tiger。 Lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy。 In the new year, there is a happy atmosphere everywhere. The streets, everywhere decorated, firecrackers around the clock.

  In the new year, I love the things of firecrackers, like what "little thunder." Red Eagle, "boxes from the hands of burn. Play firecrackers in different ways, such as the time, I have to throw a lit firecrackers pond, just listen to "bang" sound of firecrackers exploded, splash water on my face, cool.

  New years new weather, I hope that I can be more prosperous in the new year, a higher level.


  Over the past cuple f ears, several cases f the fd scandal have been disclsed n varius edia. The prble f fd safet has bece a ht buttn acrss sciet. The prevalence f fd insafet has greatl ipacted public health, which the gvernent culd nt affrd t ignre, accrding t the nline editin f the Peple Dail.

  There are a cuple f driving frces, I wuld argue, behind this undesirable tide. First, in the curse f the rapid ecnic evlutin, we ignre ral educatin, giving rise t the rising rate f the prble. Mre iprtantl, the lac f adequate regulatin and punishent n thse illegal prducers enfrces the trend.

  As Cnfucius instructed, it is better late than never. Prpt and strict easures shuld be taen t turn bac this evil trend. The gvernent shuld launch a assive ral capaign t educate all citizens and draw up tugher laws t crac dwn n thse irrespnsible crpratins and prhibit the fr entering the fd industr again. I a firl cnvinced that thrugh ur cbined effrts we are bund t en re ris-free fds in the das ahead.


  I have a clean and warm home, or after school, please follow me to go to home and have a look...

  As soon as I opened the door to the food smelled a musty aroma, now mom has to start preparing dinner. An enter a door, we put the shoes in the cupboard, along the red carpet to reach the living room.

  Put in the sitting room is simple: a decent sofa, a wall-mounted TV, a glass coffee table... Cross-stitch is particularly striking near the TV set, that is given to our aunt, family is very like, it is hanged on the wall.

  To the south is a capacious and bright sitting room balcony, the balcony with many flowers and plants. Dad like gardening, but are not rare, in the words of my father, that is to "beautify the environment". But these flowers on the balcony, really let our family adds a lot of green and vitality.

  To look at my bedroom. Purple hung on the bed nets, cartoon characters, posted on the wall is feeling a little different? Especially those cartoon characters, what more la A dream ah, winnie the pooh, A quick top junior high school students, some child?


  It quite common that we misunderstand each other in our daily life.Misunderstandings can lead to many problems and unecessary trouble,such as damaging friendship and causing misfortune.For instance,a fight can occur when there is a mistanding between two good friends.Parents may beat and scold their children for a mistanding.Therefore ,to avoid misunderstandings is of great importance.

  Actually,many misunderstandings in our life can be advoided.Here are some tips.Firstly,dont use the words that have several meanings.Secondly,were supposed to express our thoughts as exactly as we can.Thirdly,we should speak clearly and focus on the main points.Fourthly,dont be afraid to say no when we dont understand the speaker.We should use “Pardon” to let him or her repeat.Least but not last,we should know that there is a different between the male and the female in a conversation.

  May all misunderstandings disappear.May our life be better.


  Do you have any wishes? Oh, I have many wishes.

  My first wishes is I can fly in the sky. If I can fly, I can fly in the sky, I can stroke the like the Monkey King. If I can fly, I can walk on the rainbow and enjoy the fresh air. If I can fly, I will fly to the space, like Yang Liwei. I will fly near the Jupiter and play with aliens. Oh, that super!

  My second wish is I can travel around the world. If I can travel the world, I will go to the Grand Canyon, the Antarctic, or Painted Desert and anywhere. If I travel around the world, I will touch the American flowers, drink the French water, and enjoy the German sunshine, that’s wonder!

  My third wish is I hope the world will be peaceful all the times. No wars, No quarrels, and then all of us are happy. If the world can be peaceful all the times, the world will be harmonious, everywhere will be more beautiful. Isn’t it?

  I have many wishes, although these wishes are maybe just the dreams. But I think they are so wonderful in my life .They‘re the beautiful rainbow fresh my life. With these wishes, I feel happy every day.










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