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  Bing in love

  Love starts as an attraction to another. Love grows with mutual respect. Love thrives on confidence and dignity. Love survives on wisdom and honor.

  New love, stirs the emotions, moves the soul and fires the blood setting hearts aflame. Love of amate provides us with another soul to feel kinship, with someone to share life with, someone tobe loved, in spite of shortcomings and human frailties. Someone to recall the past with, to dreamwith. Someone with whom silence is comfortable. Another soul on the earth who is in tune withyours . Someone who cares deeply about your well being and who in turn is cared for by you…just as deeply.

  Someone whose happiness means as much, if not more than your own . Someone to place your trust in without fear of betrayal .Not having to worry when you’re apart, because you are secure in the knowledge that they will honor the love you share. Someone to helpfully grow old beside, to share the winter of life with, while recalling the summer of your dreams .

  A lover is someone who, with a look, can touch your heart, ease your mind and bring comfort to your soul.

  A lover is someone who, with a look, can touch your heart, ease your mind and bring comfort to your soul. Someone whose voice is music to your ear. Someone who by just entering a room makes your heart soar and joy fill your being, makes you want to touch them, be close to them. Who can turn your blood to molten fire with desire, their presence being food for your soul. Someone for whom your love grows stronger not weaker with the passing years. Someone who is willing to talk out problems and share concerns, not look for an easy way out if all does not go just as expected.

  Someone to share all thing with: tenderness, passion, warmth, dreams and desire, laughter and tears but mostly life’s journey. A casually dropped piece of clothing can bring your love to mind as the scent of them clings, and turns your thoughts to love, as pleasant memories collect to be reviewed at leisure.

  Love of a partner requires long-term commitment and wisdom and above all, work from both partners to nourish and nurture that love into a living growing thing. Without nourishment, all things die, even love.

  Do not easily discard love, for the day may come when love, in turn, discards you. Place a high value in this the most precious of life’s joys. Some never find this treasure, many find and lose it through no fault of their own.. Some discard it lightly as if it were of little value and easily replaced. The ability to love and be loved is the most precious of gifts given to man, and as such should be highly treasured.

  Love has the real power to make man come bake to life . —— Goethe

  1. mutual 相互的,彼此的;共同的,共有的

  Other organizations have joined the confederation for mutual benefit.


  2. kinship n. 血缘关系,亲属关系,亲密关系

  I feel a strong kinship with him.


  3. betrayal n. 背叛,暴露

  Confession is not betrayal.


  4. recall vt. 回想起

  I can't recall how long it has been.


  5. tenderness n.娇嫩;柔软;温柔

  I dare not touch the flower for its tenderness.


  6. scent n. 气味,香味

  The scent of the flowers was wafted along by the breeze.


  7. nourishment n. 营养,滋养品,养料

  He told me I wanted nourishment.


  8. discard vt.丢弃,抛弃

  He discarded his winter clothing.









  爱是使人复苏的真正动力。 ——歌德










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