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  To Inherit the Tradition

  Today, we live in the modern world, most things we do can use the machine. The technology brings so many convenience to us, it facilitates our life. As we are facing the new products all the time, the traditional things are fading away. Take the paper-cut for example. When I was very small, paper-cut was so popular in my grandma’s generation, most women could cut all kinds of interesting shapes. While today when I went back to my hometown, I found that most of them had stopped cutting papers, because they could buy them at the very low price. What’s more, the young people don’t learn such art, for the parents think it is not necessary for their children to learn the old-fashion thing. The tradition should not be abandoned, it is the reflection of our culture. Even facing the challenge, we need to inherit the tradition.

  今天,我们生活在摩登时代,我们可以使用机器做大部分的事情。科技给我们带来了很多方便,它便利了我们的生活。我们每天都面对着新产品,传统的东西正在慢慢消失。以剪纸为例。在我很小的时候,在我祖母的那一代,剪纸很受欢迎,大多数女性可以剪出各种有趣的形状。现在当我回到家乡时,我发现他们中的大多数已经停止剪纸,因为他们可以以很低的价格购买。更重要的是,年轻人不了解这种艺术, 以为父母认为他们的孩子没有必要去学习这种不时髦的东西。传统不应该被放弃,这是我们文化的反映。甚至面临挑战,我们仍然需要继承传统。


  Tradition and Innovation

  There is a vivid saying which says “If tradition can be likened to the roots and trunk of a tree, innovation is its leaves and fruits.”


  I quite applaud this simile. From my perspective, tradition and innovation are doomed to coexist perpetually. First and foremost, tradition is a solid foundation for innovation, with abundant nutrition we can absorb, such as scientific experiment approaches and science spirits.


  Secondly, it’s the drawbacks of tradition in certain fields that give rise to inspiration and momentum to innovate. For instance, Thomas Edison, who caught the sight of the inconvenience of traditional gas light, conducted experiments and eventually invented light bulb.


  On the contrary, innovation will certainly fight against tradition. When an innovation satisfies people’s expectation ,it can gain popularity and finally make itself a new element in tradition ,which will be held in high esteem.


  In a word, tradition and innovation can never be separated. At the very time, with the ever-increasing speed of innovation, a diversity of newly-born technology and hi-tech products penetrate our daily life. I’m convinced that we’d better be absolutely conscious of our root——tradition and give priority to it. Only when we gain a thorough comprehension of it can we accomplish magnificent innovation and exert positive effect on our society as a whole.



  Paper-cut Art

  China has a history of more than five thousand years, whose culture is various. Chinese people are so proud of their culture and many traditional arts are part of the national treasure, such as the festivals that contain the myths and the handwork. One of the special handwork products is paper-cut, which is now learned by less people.


  Paper-cut is an extraordinary art, which is using scissors to cut paper into graphics. This art just needs simple tool, but it is not easy at all. When we look at the masters to cut paper, it takes them only a few minutes to finish, in fact, for a freshman, they need to practise for a long time. This art has a long history. It reflects the wisdom of Chinese people.


  My grandma inherits this art, and she can cut a lot of graphics. When I was very small, she tried to teach me this handwork, but I was addicted to playing computer games. Now I feel so regretful, because paper-cut is treasure, and many foreigners love it. But as a Chinese, I used to refuse it. The in-heritage of tradition needs everybody’s passion.





3.中国传统文化与人物英语版:Li Bai and Du Fu



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