旅游英语作文 篇1

  In last summer vacation ,I went to Beijing with my family. First ,we went to the Great Wall,where we met a lot of foreigners and we also took a lot of photos. They all like our culture and beautiful senery. Second.we went to the summer palace ,where the previous emporers spent summer in the old days.Third, we went to the Forbidden City .Finally ,we went to Wangfujing Street where we tasted much delicious food. In a word, we had a great time during the vacation and we leanred a lot from this tour.去年的暑假我和家人去了北京,首先我们去了长城在那我们见到了许多外国人并在那拍了很多照。这些外国人很喜欢我们的文化和美景,接下来我们又去了颐和园那是旧时帝王们避暑的地方。接着我们去了故宫,最后我们去了王府井,在那我们尝了很多美味的小吃。总之,这次旅游我们玩得很高兴。并从中学到了很多。

旅游英语作文 篇2


  Shangri-La world is a rare perfect natural ecology and traditional culture of the pure land, known as "mountain garden", "Kingdom of animals and plants," "Kingdom of non-ferrous metals" reputation. From Dali along the Yunnan Tibet Highway North 315 kilometers, is the capital of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Zhongdian County town centre, 659 km away from Kunming, up to 50 minutes by plane. Is a Tibetan as the main body, a vast territory, rich resources of the county. Zhongdian a total of 24 well-known tourist attractions, is a natural landscape, rich cultural landscape of thestate tourism hotline, is one of the eight gold.

旅游英语作文 篇3

  Should the university be opened to tourist

  As we know,when we have free time,some people will choice to travel.As time goes on,some famous university become hot tourist spot. Anthing has two sides.Should the university be opened to torist has advantage and diaadvantage.To began with,campus tour can bring economic benefit.What’s more,we can communicate with different people.Finally, this approach can make many parents and students to know about the college and improve school reputation . But some people think that should not let the campus has become a tourist attractions.Because many strangers enter into campus which brings security problems.It will produce garbage influence campus environment.

  As for me,the kind of phenomenon advantage outweigh its disadvantage.If we chose the vacation opening campus cann’t only to let more people know about college and solved the problem.

旅游英语作文 篇4

  During this winter vacation, that is, during my last vacation in primary school, the adults in order to avoid the noise of the city and enjoy themselves in the quiet place, they took me to the phoenix town near Dinghu mountain. Dinghu mountain is mainly divided into two major scenic areas: one is the main peak to Ding and Qingyun temple; two is from the nearby town of Phoenix in the Dragon Lake area of rainforest gully.

  In this tour where I feel the most is second days to return the cattle bar Valley rain forest adventure, there is single, double cable suspension stimulation on the surface of the water, from the surface of a metre or two meters high, and each has at least five meters long, ten meters long, and let the foot go on only a few mm wide cable. Especially those single cable, although not as long as double cable, but on two steel cables are vertically aligned, so when not to climb back up or down, seems to have felt very dangerous, and the Sora is not straight, stand up make you frightened.

  And the hardest thing is to climb those mountains. The mountain is actually some shorter. But in the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, on both sides of a row of ropes and chains, but also because it is surrounded by forests, water flow down, and there are some moss on the stone, so are often too slippery and almost fell into, and some places are too high too steep and we must seize the rope, feet to dent and protruding place the walls to climb out from the foot to the mountain for at least 1 hours to walk. This is the most valuable exploration can fully reflect the team spirit of unity: behind the players can report to the players in front of the above (such as a tree, listening to a rock; and the pioneer) report in front to the back of the players (such as listening to the slippery ground, a cable).

  I am very happy this trip, because I not only increase my knowledge, but also know how to unite and cooperate.

旅游英语作文 篇5

  The Spring Festival is a traditional festival for all Chinese people. On that evening there is a very traditional ceremony----Spring Festival Gala, which is the favorite for many people. It brings so much happiness to Chinese all around the world .

  When asked about their opinion on Spring Festival Gala, people always reason differently. Some people deem that it should be cancelled, while there are also other people who argue that it should be continued.

  Some people take it for granted that the Gala should not exist because it is too boring on the evening of the Lunar New Year. Besides, the form of the Evening seems the same every year. In comparison, there are, however, a large number of people who hold a different view concerning this issue, they insist that the Gala must be continued. They argue that it is one of the most important celebration customs. And they think the Gala is worth expecting.

  As far as I am concerned, I am intending to stand on the side of the latter group of people. Admittedly, the former point of view seems reasonable, but the latter is more persuasive. Taking the above-mentioned factors into consideration, I can safely conclude that the Gala just needs a reform in the future but not to be cancelled.

旅游英语作文 篇6

  We bought a ticket, they sat on a long distance bus to Fuzhou, along the way beautiful and beautiful: tall and straight as the loyalty of the warrior stands in the roadside; birds flying freely in the sky, his mouth from time to time to send a pleasant song; In the white clouds of different shapes, some like mighty lions; some like clever little monkeys; some like a group of sheep in the sky walk. I do not feel the lunch time, we get off, they went to "McDonald's" to eat.

  After lunch, we came to the Fuzhou Zoo. "Look, the sea lion show began!" I cried. We barely put on a hillside and stood to watch. I saw a sea lion agile with the neck accurately set the trainers thrown out of the circle, and then climbed the stage, continuous beat their forelimbs, we met the sea lion that lovely look, can not help but laugh.

  After watching the sea lions show, we went to the north "monkey mountain" forward. We have gone for a long time, have not arrived yet. "How have not arrived - ah !!" I impatiently called up. "Come on," said the uncle. And went a long long road, we went to the "monkey mountain". A monkey comes back and forth between the tree and the tree. Especially the gibbon, hands holding the roots, feet swing, gibbon in the air to a three hundred and sixty degrees big circle, pedestrians met have applauded it, it seems like this, and continuous turn several Circle. We have a "monkey mountain", to the beast arena. The monkey "Three Musketeers", riding their own bike back and forth circle, antelope "snow", "the rookie" a tiger jumped the fire ring, won the audience's warm applause; And "Three Musketeers" boss "blowing snow" in the air to take the wire; bear couple for us to perform a bike chase, and won the audience applause. After watching the arena of the program, we will be reluctant to go home.

  Today, although I am very tired, very happy.

旅游英语作文 篇7

  I took a trip to Shanghai with my mother during the seven-day holiday. It took us more than two hours to drive to Shanghai from my home in Haimen. We stayed in a large hotel on the eighth floor. On the first day, I just stayed in the hotel and rested. On the second day, my brother and I went to Nanjing Road. It’s the busiest street in Shanghai. When we got there, there were lots of people. We walked from one shop to another. I bought two T-shirts and two pairs of trousers for the ing summer.

  The T-shirts and trousers I bought are all white because white is my favourite colour. My brother also bought some clothes. On the third day, my mother took me to Jinjiang Entertainment Centre. It was full of people. I played many kinds of gamesthere. I had a good time. The other days, I went to some other interesting places, such as the Oriental Bright Pearl TV Tower, the Huangpu River and Shanghai International Conference Centre. I didn’t forget to do my homework in the evening. I had a full an happy holiday.I very enjoy it.

旅游英语作文 篇8

  Currently, campuses of famous universities have become one of the popular tourist destinations. The phenomenon has aroused great public concern. There is no consensus (一致,共识) of opinions among people as to whether the university campus should be open to tourists.

  Some argue that tourists should be denied access to the campus. After all, they believe, the Ivory Tower is not a park but a holy place reserved for college students. Tourists may distract students from their study. But others hold the opposing view that the revenues from campus tour may at least ease the university’s financial burden and be necessary for university’s maintenance and infrastructure(基础设施).

  If asked to voice my view on this, I favor the latter group of people. Whether campus tour brings profits or not, it should not be banned as long as tourists obey campus regulations. And I am convinced that campus tour are sure to do good to the popularization of university cultures.

旅游英语作文 篇9

  People travel by plane, by train, by ship, by bus. For me, the best way of traveling on a summer vacation is to go on foot.

  My preference depends on the purpose of the travel. On a summer vacation I travel to refresh myself and to see the countryside. When I use my feet and walk on a grass covered path along a river or among the hills I feel detached from the noise of the city and closer to the nature. And when I travel on foot I get more freedom. I can plan my own schedule. I can choose my own route. I can stop where I like. And I can see things and people that I might miss if I travel on a train or on a bus.

  When faster and more convenient ways for travel are becoming available, I still favor using my own feet. I get much pleasure from it. People travel by plane, by train, by ship, by bus. To me, the best way of traveling on a summer vacation is to go on foot.












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