旅游英语作文 篇1

  Today is Sunday, sunny, blue skies. Mom and Dad took me to travel, but this is the first time I travel ah! I am happy to jump and jump, heart happy.

  I am curious to ask my father, said: "Dad, where do we play?" "Go to you will know it!" Dad replied.

  Mom and Dad happily took me to a place, got into the car, took a long, long time, and get off again. Dad said to me: "daughter, you look carefully, where is the place, think about it." I looked around for a long time, very crowded! Think of it, I am surprised to say: "Dad, this is not my dream want to go to the deer farm it?" "Yes, you know today is what day? Today is your 10th birthday!" Dad said End, I immediately stunned, did not expect, I do not remember their own birthday, Mom and Dad but remember, gave me such a surprise. At this time, my tears of excitement, staring at them. My mother said to me: "silly boy, do not cry. Enter it!" We bought a ticket, warm ticket sister gave us a game map, the map is written in detail, when what game play are clear Clearly written out, really convenient!

  Cool! As soon as I entered, I saw that many of my children were playing, and they were sweating profusely and smiling with their faces. I took the map and saw a lot of items to play, such as: Ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel, water bike ... ... all kinds of games have, everything, everything. I first went to the carousel where to play, to sit on top, the Trojan turned left turn, turned my dizzy, and finally stopped. I went to the Ferris wheel to play, I sat up, the heart pounding, Ferris wheel slowly turned, and I immediately closed my eyes, after a while, I quietly opened his eyes. Found that as long as I looked down, you will see the whole scene of the deer farm, very spectacular, this feeling too comfortable, as if floating in the sky. At noon, we entered the animal theater, watching animal performances, my mother bought us a bowl of fragrant beef noodles, delicious! We can side of the side to eat with relish. After watching the show, my father took us away ...

  This is the first time I am most memorable to travel, is my first birthday to the 10th birthday, but also to a place I want to go, I will remember in mind!

旅游英语作文 篇2

  Dishonesty in Tourism

  Since 1980s, the economy of China has developed greatly. With more money in their pockets, people are spending more money on travelling, which has brought prosperity to tourism. Nevertheless, many travel agencies or agents are reported to cheat their customers and make money in a dishonest way.

  The reason for dishonesty in tourism is various. First and for most, money is the spur. Some travel agencies use all means to cheat their customers in order to get more money. Secondly, to survive in the fierce competition, travel agencies have to make enough profits. To realize profit maximization, they cheat. Last but not least, their victims seem to have little sense of defending their rights.

  To regulate travel agencies and protect the rights of tourists, the government has issued various laws. However, I think tourists can take the following tips to avoid travel scams. First, choose a trustworthy travel agency for your trip. Secondly, use your common sense and keep alert while travelling. Finally, defend yourself if your rights are violated.

旅游英语作文 篇3

  Disneyland is the world’s biggest entertainment park, it was created by Walt Disney. Nowadays, many children like to go to Disneyland and have fun for a day. Last year, my family went to Hong Kong and we spent a day in it. It was such a good memory for me.


  When I went to Hong Kong, I felt so excited, because I wanted to go to Disneyland for a long time, and this time my dream finally came true. Before I came to the entrance, I saw the big pictures of the Disneyland world and the classic cartoon characters. They were so lovely. When I got to the Disneyland world, there were so many people, the atmosphere was so lively.

  当我去香港的时候,我感到很兴奋,因为我很久之前就想去迪斯尼乐园了,而这一次我的梦想终于实现了。在我来到门口前, 我看到了迪斯尼世界的大图片和经典的卡通人物。他们是如此可爱。当我到达迪士尼乐园的世界里,有那么多人,气氛很热闹。

  I was so impressed by the amusement equipments. As the music was playing, I felt myself was in the wonderland. I saw the pumpkin car, the wooden horse, the Ferris wheel and so on. I played all the amusement equipments and felt so satisfied. The most excited thing was to see the parade. I saw my favorite Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters.

  我对游乐设备印象非常深刻。由于音乐一直在放, 我觉得自己是在仙境里。我看到了南瓜车,木马,摩天轮等等。我玩遍了所有的游乐设备,感到很满意。最兴奋的事是去看游行。我看到了我最喜欢的米老鼠等卡通人物。

  I had a great day in the Disneyland world.


旅游英语作文 篇4

  27th, September of every year is World Tourism Day.

  Of course, it is to advocate people to travel often.

  Nowadays, as people’s living standard improve, the number and frequency of people to travel is also increasing. Why? I think it may because of the advantage of travel. First of all, travel can make people relaxed. In today’s competitive society, everyone is under great stress.

  They may be crazy if they are in that situation in the long term. Going travel, leaving all the troubles behind for a period of time, people will have a good rest and then fight again. Secondly, travel can broaden people’s vision.

  People can learn more through what they see and hear.

  This knowledge is good for them. Last but not least, travel can enlarge people’s social circle, because they can make new friends on the way of their trip. In conclusion, travel has so many advantages. It is no wonder that there is a World Tourism Day to encourage everyone to go travel.






旅游英语作文 篇5

  Today, as our economy develops fast, people live amuch better life than before, they start to payattention the chase fun.


  When people have holiday, they will choose to travel,most people will give money to the organization,while some people choose to self-help traveling.


  Self-help traveling can save a lot of money, people can save the money which is given to thetour guide.


  What’s more, self-help traveling can bring people a lot of fun.


  People can visit the site as long as they want, sometimes they can find the interesting things inthe small place.


  While the tour guide will always take people to the commercial place.


  Self-help traveling is becoming more and more popular now.


旅游英语作文 篇6

  The prison gives you the opportunity to stay overnight on real prisoners benches and mattresses, according to the website, which goes on to boast that it is unfriendly, unheated and uncomfortable.There are absolutely no comforts laid on at this naval jail, built in 1905 to house the Czars mutinous sailors.

  Mysterious and inexplicable things are noticed in the guard house rumbling footsteps, self-unscrewing of electrical bulbs, unaccountable opening of closed doors of the cells but the appearance of impossible images has come as the most unpleasant surprise to many a visitor.

旅游英语作文 篇7

  People travel by plane, by train, by ship, by bus. For me, the best way of traveling on a summer vacation is to go on foot.

  My preference depends on the purpose of the travel. On a summer vacation I travel to refresh myself and to see the countryside. When I use my feet and walk on a grass covered path along a river or among the hills I feel detached from the noise of the city and closer to the nature. And when I travel on foot I get more freedom. I can plan my own schedule. I can choose my own route. I can stop where I like. And I can see things and people that I might miss if I travel on a train or on a bus.

  When faster and more convenient ways for travel are becoming available, I still favor using my own feet. I get much pleasure from it. People travel by plane, by train, by ship, by bus. To me, the best way of traveling on a summer vacation is to go on foot.




旅游英语作文 篇8

  Today is Sunday, at 6:00 AM ,my parents and I go to the Zhongshan Park by bus, there are many persons in the car.

  but all of us are very polite,we are sing in the cay all the way.

  When we arrive at the park,we are very happy.

  At first, we go to the swiming pool.

  it is my favorite sports.

  my parents and I are not good at this sports. all of us have a little a pity.

  Secondly, we go to play the switchback, it is very stimulate.

  left many recollection.

  At the last, we go to the everywhere of the park each other, see the different scenes,and take many photoes.

  the environment is very good.

  we must protect it self-conscious.

  for the future of out motherland.