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  Enrich your life today,. yesterday is history.tomorrow is mystery.以下是小编为大家搜索整理的全国英语四级考试词汇题及答案,希望能给大家带来帮助!更多精彩内容请及时关注我们应届毕业生考试网!


  1. He spoke confidently, ________ impressed me most.

  A) so that B) that C) it D) which

  2. It wasn’t such a good dinner ________ she had promised us.

  A) that B) which C) as D) what

  3. They decided to chase the cow away _________ it did more damage.

  A) unless B) until C) before D) although

  4. The goals ________ he had fought all his life no longer seemed important to him.

  A) after which B) for which C) with which D) at which

  5. _________ we have finished the course, we shall start doing more revision work.

  A) For now B) Now that C) Ever since D) By now

  6. There is hardly an environment on earth ________ some species of animal or other has not adapted successfully.

  A) to which B) wherever C) so that D) as to

  7. Some metals are better conductors of electricity than other, ________ means that the former have atoms that contain more free electrons than the latter.

  A) that B) this C) which D) it

  8. The time has come ________ we can make extensive use of nuclear energy.

  A) when B) while C) as D) since

  9. ________ the punishment was unjust, Helen accepted it without complaint.

  A) However B) So long as C) Even though D) Since

  10. The situation today is obviously quite different from ________ it was only 50 years ago.

  A) which B) when C) what D) such

  11. No sooner had we reached the top of the hill _______ we all sat down to rest.

  A) when B) then C) than D) until

  12. Evidence came up ________ specific speech sounds are recognized by babies as young as 6 months old.

  A) what B) which C) that D) whose

  13. An investigation was made into the accident, _______ fifty people were killed.

  A) in which B) where C) when D) for that

  14. ________ you are familiar with the author’s ideas, try reading all the sections as quickly as you possibly can.

  A) Now that B) Ever since C) So that D) As long as

  15. The time is not far away________ modern communications will become widespread in China’s vast countryside.

  A) as B) until C) when D) before

  16. _________ men have learned much from the behavior of animals is hardly new.

  A) That B) Those C) What D) Whether

  17. Five minutes earlier, _______ we could have caught the last train.

  A) and B) but C) or D) so

  18. A man escaped from the prison last night. It was a long time _______ the guards discovered what had happened.

  A) before B) until C) since D) when

  19. Helen was much kinder to her youngest child than she was to the others, _______, of course, made the others jealous.

  A) who B) that C) what D) which

  20. _______ is known to the world, Mark Twain is a great American writer.

  A) That B) Which C) As D) It

  21. Language is a city, to the building of ________ every human being brought a stone.

  A) which B) that C) it D) this

  22. Government cannot operate effectively _______ it is free from such interference.

  A) so long as B) so that C) unless D) because

  23. I’ll accept any job ________ I don’t have to get up early.

  A) lest B) as long as C) in case D) though

  24. _______ we have finished the course, we shall take a new one.

  A) Since that B) Now that C) Since now D) By now

  25. I enjoy traveling ________ I don’t have to drive too far.

  A) lest B) unless C) but D) if

  26. People are still talking about the historic event of years ago, ________ man walked in space for the first time.

  A) when B) how C) because D) while

  27. Some members of the staff couldn’t handle Murray’s condition, hard __________they tried.

  A) when B) although C) as D) even if

  28. Certain programs work better for some _______ for others.

  A) and B) than C) as D) but

  29. Not that John doesn’t want to help you, _______ it’s beyond his power.

  A) but that B) for that C) and that D) in that

  30. ________ quite recently, most mothers in Britain did not take paid work outside the home.

  A) Before B) Until C) From D) Since

  31. You will want two trees about ten feet apart, from ________ to suspend your tent.

  A) there B) them C) which D) where

  32. Scientists say it may be five or ten years ________ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients.

  A) since B) before C) after D) when

  33. In some countries, _________ is called “equality” does not really mean equal rights for all people.

  A) which B) what C) that D) one

  34. Liquids are like solids ________ they have a definite volume.

  A) in that B) for that C) with that D) at that

  35. Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true _______ it comes to classroom tests.

  A) when B) since C) before D) after

  36. Careful surveys have indicated that as many as 50 percent of patients do not take drugs _______ directed.

  A) like B) so C) which D) as

  37. I felt somewhat disappointed and was about to leave, _______ something occurred which attracted my attention.

  A) unless B) until C) when D) while

  38. I have kept that portrait ________ I can see it every day, as it always reminds me of my university days in London.

  A) which B) where C) whether D) when

  39. _______ might be expected, the response to the question was very mixed.

  A) As B) That C) It D) What

  40. By success I don’t mean ________ usually thought of when that word is used.

  A) what is B) that we C) as you D) all is

  41. I had just started back for the house to change my clothes ________ I heard voices.

  A) as B) when C) after D) while

  42. The mere fact ________ most people believe nuclear war would be madness does not mean that it will not occur.

  A) what B) which C) that D) why

  43. John seems a nice person. _________, I don’t trust him.

  A) Even though B) Even so C) Therefore D) Though

  44. _______ that my head had cleared, my brain was also beginning to work much better.

  A) For B) Now C) Since D) Despite

  45. _______ he works hard, I don’t mind when he finishes the experiment.

  A) As soon as B) As well as C) So far as D) So long as

  46. Although he knew little about the large amount of work done in the field, he succeeded _______ other more well-informed experimenters failed.

  A) which B) that C) what D) where

  47. Living in central Australian desert has its problems, _______ obtaining water is not the least.

  A) for which B) to which C) of which D) in which

  48. I’m sure he is up to the job ________ he would give his mind to it.

  A) if only B) in case C)until D) unless

  49. Criticism and self-criticism is necessary ________ it helps us to find and correct our mistakes.

  A) by that B) at that C) on that D) in that

  50. The British are not so familiar with different cultures and other ways of doing things,________ is often the case in other countries.

  A) as B) what C) so D) that

  51. _______ the calculation is right, scientists can never be sure that they have included all variables and modeled them accurately.

  A) Even if B) As far as C) If only D) So long as

  52. These two areas are similar _______ they both have a high rainfall during this season.

  A) to that B) besides that C) in that D) except that

  53. We’ll visit Europe next year _______ we have enough money.

  A) lest B) until C) unless D) provided

  54. The trumpet player was certainly loud. But I wasn’t bothered by his loudness ________ by his lack of talent.

  A) than B) more than C) as D) so much as

  55. I hope all the precautions against air pollution, ________ suggested by the local government, will be seriously considered here.

  A) as B) while C) after D) since

  56. ________ you are leaving tomorrow, we can eat dinner together tonight.

  A) Since B) While C) For D) Before

  57. We agreed to accept _________ they thought was the best tourist guide.

  A) whatever B) whomever C) whichever D) whoever

  58. Although many people view conflict as bad, conflict is sometimes useful ________ it forces people to test the relative merits of their attitudes and behaviors.

  A) by which B) to which C) in that D) so that

  59. Beer is the most popular drink among male drinkers, ________ overall consumption is significantly higher than that of women.

  A) whose B) which C) that D) what

  60. There are signs ________ restaurants are becoming more popular with families.

  A) that B) which C) in which D) whose

  61. I think I was at school, ________ I was staying with a friend during the vacation when I heard the news.

  A) or else B) and then C) or so D) even so

  62. Living in the western part of the country has its problems,________ obtaining fresh water is not the least.

  A) with which B) for which C) of which D) which

  63. _______ receiving financial support from family, community or the government is allowed, it is never admired.

  A) As B) Once C) Although D) Lest

  64. The basic features of the communication process are identified in one question: Who says _______ through what channel to whom?

  A) how B) when C) what D) such

  65. The hours ________ the children spend in their one-way relationship with television people undoubtedly affect their relationships with real-life people.

  A) in which B) on which C) when D) that

  66. ________ difficulties we may come across, we’ll help one another to overcome them.

  A) Wherever B) Whatever C) However D) Whenever

  67. He will surely finish the job on time ________ he’s left to do it in his own way.

  A) in that B) so long as C) in case D) as far as

  68. I was halfway back to the cottage where my mother lived ________ Susan caught up with me.

  A) when B) while C) until D) though

  69. The fire was finally brought under control, but not _________ extensive damage had been caused.

  A) after B) before C) since D) as

  70. Rod is determined to get a seat for the concert ________ it means standing in a queue all night.

  A) provided B) whatever C) even if D) as if

  71. Government reports, examination compositions, legal documents and most business letters are the main situations _________ formal language is used.

  A) in which B) on which C) in that D) at what

  72. He was punished ________ he should make the same mistake again.

  A) unless B) lest C) if D) provided

  73. There was such a long line at the exhibition _________ we had to wait for about half an hour.

  A) as B) that C) so D) hence



  391-400 DCCBB ACACC 401-410 CCAAC AAADC

  411-420 ACBBD ACBAB 421-430 CBBAA DCBAA

  431-440 BCBBD DCADA 441-450 ACDDA ADCAA

  451-460 ACCCD BBABC 461-463 ABB











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