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  高中英语完形填空题的专项练习:Peter’s job

  Peter’s job was to examine cars when they crossed the frontier to make sure that they were not smuggling anything into the country. Every evening he would see a factory worker coming __1__ the hill towards the frontier, __2__ a bike with a pile of goods of old straw on it. When the bike __3__ the frontier, Peter would stop the man and __4__ him take the straw off and untie it. Then he would examine the straw very __5__ to see __6__ he could find anything, after which he would look in all the man’s pockets __7__ he let him tie the straw again. The man would then put it on his bike and go off down the hill with it. Although Peter was always __8__ to find gold or other valuable things __9__ in the straw, he never found __10__. He was sure the man was __11__ something, but he was not __12__ to think out what it could be.

  Then one evening, after he had looked __13__ the straw and emptied the worker’s pockets __14__ usual, he __15__ to him, ?Listen, I know you are smuggling things __16__ this frontier. Won’t you tell me what it is? I’m an old man, and today’s my last day on the __17__. Tomorrow I’m going to __18__. I promise I shall not tell __19__ if you tell me what you’ve been smuggling.‖ The worker did not say anything for __20__. Then he smiled, turned to Peter and said quietly, ?Bikes.‖

  1. A. towards B. down C. to D. up

  2. A. filling B. pulling C. pushing D. carrying

  3. A. arrived B. appeared C. came D. reached

  4. A. ask B. order C. make D. call

  5. A. carefully B. quickly C. silently D. horribly

  6. A. that B. where C. how D. whether

  7. A. before B. after C. first D. so

  8. A. lucky B. hoping C. thinking D. wondering

  9. A. had been B. hidden C. hiding D. have been

  10. A. nothing B. something C. everything D. anything

  11. A. taking B. smuggling

  C. stealing D. pushing

  12. A. possible B. strong C. able D. clever

  13. A. through B. thoroughly C. upon D. up

  14. A. like B. more C. then D. as

  15. A. told B. cried C. ordered D. said

  16. A. cross B. past C. across D. into

  17. A. thing B. work C. job D. duty

  18. A. rest B. back C. retire D. retreat

  19. A. everyone B. anyone C. no one D. someone

  20. A. moment B. long time C. sometime D. some time



  3.D。这里表达的是到达边界之意arrive, come为不及物动词不可直接接 the frontier,故选reached。

  4.C。ask与order后接不定式的复合结构时,动词前应有to, make后接不定式的复合结构时,动词前to要省去。根据下文应选make。






  10.D。本句中否定词never及文意决定了这里应选 anything。


  12.C。固定结构be able to do sth. 意为―能够干某事‖。

  13.A。习惯用语look through 意为―彻底检查‖。

  14.D。―as usual‖为固定短语,意为―象平常一样‖。

  15.D。tell, order后面应直接接人作宾语表示告诉某人和命令某人,而用say应为say to sb. 故said为正确选项。

  16.C.这里应选择一个介词构成介词短语在句中做状语。介词past 表―经过‖; across 强调―从一边到另一边‖;而into 表示―进入到……里面‖。 根据文意across应为正确选项。

  17.C。―on the job‖为一常用短语。意为―执行公务‖。

  18.C。因为今天是彼得最后一天上班说明明天他就要退休retire。 19.B。根据句中否定词not 及文意应选anyone。

  20.D。本句说明这个工人回答彼得的问题之前沉默了一会儿。A选项应用a moment; C选项表示某一点时间; D选项表示一段时间或一会儿,为正确选项。

  高中英语完形填空题练习题型:Different things

  Different things usually stand for different feelings. Red, for example, is the color of fire, heat, blood and life. People say red is an exciting and active color. They associate(使发生联系) red with a strong feeling like 1 . Red is used for signs of 2 , such as STOP signs and fire engines. Orange is the bright, warm color of 3 in autumn. People say orange is a 4 color. They associate orange with happiness. Yellow is the color of __5__. People say it is a cheerful color. They associate yellow too, with happiness. Green is the cool color of grass in __6__. People say it is a refreshing color. In general, people __7__ two groups of colors: warm colors and cool colors. The warm colors are red, orange and __8__. Where there are warm color and a lot of light, people usually want to be __9__. Those who like to be with __10 _ like red. The cool colors are __11_ and blue. Where are these colors, people are usually worried. Some scientists say that time seems to __12 _ more slowly in a room with warm colors. They suggest that a warm color is a good __13_ for a living room or a __14_ . People who are having a rest or are eating do not want time to pass quickly. __15 colors are better for some offices if the people working there want time to pass quickly.

  1. A. sadness B. anger C. administration D. smile

  2. A. roads B. ways C. danger D. places

  3. A. land B. leaves C. grass D. mountains

  4. A. lively B. dark C. noisy D. frightening

  5. A. moonlight B. light C. sunlight D. stars

  6. A. summer B. spring C. autumn D. winter

  7. A. speak B. say C. talk about D. tell

  8. A. green B. yellow C. white D. gray

  9. A. calm B. sleepy C. active D. helpful

  10. A. the other B. another C. other one D. others

  11. A. black B. green C. golden D. yellow

  12. A. go round B. go by C. go off D. go along

  13. A. one B. way C. fact D. matter

  14. A. factory B. classroom C. restaurant D. hospital

  15. A. Different B. Cool C. Warm D. All


  1.B。根据上文的strong feeling可知anger最合乎文意。

  2.C。下文所列举的例子STOP signs和 fire engines都属于危险信号,故选择danger。





  7.C。speak后面往往接某种语言作宾语;say后面常接说话的内容;tell的宾语一般是人;talk about sth.意为谈论某事物。故C为正确选项。 8.B。根据上文对yellow的解释。说明yellow也属于warm color。


  10.D。others相当于other people意为―别的人‖。another指―另一个‖。other one不可单独使用,the other one指―另外的一个‖。


  12.B。go around意为―到处走动‖;go off 意为―离开,爆炸‖;go along意为―前进,进行‖;go by意为―走过,流逝‖。根据文意,应选go by。




  高中英语完形填空题的练习资料:reading story

  Most parents, I suppose, have had the experience of reading a bedtime story __1__ their children. And they must have realized how difficult it is to write a __2__ children’s book. Either the author has aimed (定目标) too __3__, so that children can’t follow what is in his ( or more often, her ) story, __4__ the story seems to be talking to the readers.

  The best children’s books are __5__ very difficult nor very simple, and satisfy(令人满意的') the __6__ who hears the story and the adult(成年人) who __7__ it. Unfortunately(不幸的是), there are in fact few books like this, __8__ the problem of finding the right bedtime story is not __9__ to solve. This may be why many of the books regarded as __10__ of children’s literature(文学) were in fact written for __11__ ?Alice in Wonderland‖ is perhaps the most obvious(明显)of this.

  Children, left for themselves, often __12__ the worst possible interest in literature. Just leave a child in a bookshop or a __13__ and he will more willingly choose the books written in an unimaginative (并非想象的 ) way, or have a look at the most

  children’s comics(连环图书), full of the stories and jokes which are the rejections of teachers and righting-thinking parents.

  Perhaps we parents should stop __14__ to brainwash(洗脑)children into accepting(接受)our taste in literature. After all, children and adults are so __15__ that we parents should not expect that they will enjoy the same books. So I suppose we’ll just have to compromise(妥协)over the bedtime story.

  1. A. to B. in C. with D. around

  2. A. short B. long C. bad D. good

  3. A. easy B. short C. high D. difficult

  4. A. and B. but C. or D. so

  5. A. both B. neither C. either D. very

  6. A. child B. father C. mother D. teacher

  7. A. hears B. buys C. understands D. reads

  8. A. but B. however C. so D. because

  9. A. hard B. easy C. enough D. fast

  10.A. articles B. work C. arts D. works

  11. A. grown-ups B. girls C. boys D. children

  12. A. are B. show C. find D. add

  13. A. school B. home C. office D. library

  14. A. going B. liking C. trying D. preferring

  15. A. same B. friendly C. different D. common


  1. C。read to somebody 意为―读给某人听‖,to后面接动作的对象。

  2. D。根据下文可知,存在的困难在于如何把孩子们的书写好。故选 good。

  3. C。书中的内容让孩子们无法理解,说明作者的目标定得高。故选 high。

  4. C。与前文either 对应,这里应用or. ―either…or‖ 意义为―要么……要么……‖。

  5. B。与下半句的nor 对应,这里应用neither。 ― neither…nor…‖ 意为―既不……也不……‖。

  6. A。satisfy的宾语除了读故事的成年人以外,当然就是听故事的孩子。故选


  7. D。孩子听的故事越来越少,家长把讲故事当成读故事。故选reads。

  8. C。前后两句形成因果关系,所以应用so引导结果状语从句。

  9. B。上文讲好书越来越少,说明去发现好书并非是容易的事。故选easy。

  10. B。名词 works 意为―作品‖。

  11. A。根据后面所举的例子以及文意,现在被认为是孩子们读的作品,实际上


  12. A。show interest in something 意为―对……感兴趣‖。

  13. B。孩子们选书的地点一般是书店或是图书馆。故选library。

  14. D。try to do something 意为―想法设法做某事‖,符合当今社会实际情况,为


  15. C。家长不要期望孩子门会接纳他们的观点,因为两者大不相同。故选择



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