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英文的自荐信 篇1

  dear sir,

  i would like to ask you to consider my qualification for the position in sales that you advertised in .

  i graduated from the college of business in june of 1986. since that time i have been taking night courses at polytechnics in sales techniques and mass media advertising.

  i have worked as a vehicle salesman for the ford co. for the past three years. at present i am their chief salesman and account for over one half of the sales. before my present employment, i worked for the chains deparment store as a salesclerk in the electrical appliance section. we worked mainly on commission and i was able to earn a substantial amount although i was very young.

  i would like to make a change now because i feel that i can go no further in my present job, i feel that my ability and my training should enable me to advance into a better and more responsible position, and it appears that this will not be forth-coming at my present position.

  if you would like to know more about my ability, i can be available for an interview at any time convenient to you.

  sincerely yours,

英文的自荐信 篇2

respect leadership:

  how do you do

  first of all thank you in spite of being very busy toglance through my cover letter, your attention will turn over the page of my life. through the understanding to your company, i wish to your company, for the company to play a part in order to company understanding of me, now introduces himself as follows:

  i graduated from a school, learning and professional marketing planning, trying to learn professional basic course at the same time, use after school to attend the recreational activity. exercise their communication ability, take part in all kinds of interest groups, strengthen their practice ability.

  during the period of school, i seize all opportunities to exercise their various aspects ability, make oneself toward the modern society need innovative talents development.. trying to learn professional knowledge at the same time, learning than the electronic, mechanical kind of basic course and accounting class all courses, and not only training of solid knowledge skills, training the thrust analysis and actual operation ability, and the more established a strict truth-seeking system of thought; completed outside of the rest of the economy in many subjects, and use after school time to read a lot of marketing books, such as marketing planning practice, sales channels management, enterprise management, network marketing and advertising, to improve the professional knowledge structure of the i.

  "live and let live, jieshenzihao" is my doing things principle; "keep improving, enterprising spirit" is my spirit faith; "conscientiously, continuous innovation" is the way i work. since the xx years out of school to enter an enterprise to now, from a primary business agent went to the market now sales director, a few years work experience i have certain social experience and connections.

  an enterprise is a leading enterprise culture and it is the sale mecca, is also the enterprise culture of infection; as a sale

英文的自荐信 篇3

  I’mBillie fromChangan University to be graduated in March 20xx. I majored in Information Management and Information System when I was an undergraduate student. Now I take Logistic Engineering as my Master degree. During my more-than-6-year study in Tongji University, I have built up a solid foundation of professional knowledge, as well as rich experience of social practice. I’ve been intern in BAYER, Henkel, and Shanghai Volkswagen, which cultivated my working ability. I am a determined person, always willing to achieve higher goals.

  People around me always describe me as industrious, optimistic and self-disciplined. I’m also an enthusiastic person, ready to help others. Apart from these, I am a hard-working person who is good at thinking and eager to learn, with strong analyzing ability. Whats more, I am very humorous and easy-going, enjoying a good relationship among teachers and classmates.

  Also, I like to make friends with others, which dose broaden my horizon. However, sometimes I prefer to stay alone at home, reading and listening to music, which helps me calm down and think well.

  In the pastime, I always find some part-time jobs to do, which gives me the chance to put my theoretical knowledge into practice and earn my daily pocket money. Of course, in order to keep a good body, sometimes I would like to do some sports. In a word, through college life, I have learnde how to balance between studies and entertainment.

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英文的自荐信 篇5

dear leaders:


  my heartfelt thanks to you i am busy reading this material, and wish your organization the cause of prosperity and bright future!

  i xx university of cost engineers, a professional vocational graduates year xx, through 3 years of learning in particular courses of study for two years, i think they have mastered the basic construction and installation of the budget over the budget of some of the basic knowledge, through the workplace after a period of time equal to unit practice arrangements for my work.

  寒窗more than ten years studying, cast my knowledge and self-confidence. university of the growth phase of the study and more practice i will improve my self! "pains, a harvest"! i will do my best efforts, hard work and realize the value of your life. three years of university training and their own hard work hard work, especially in the specialized subjects results are generally excellent, i think this is their hard work over the past three years, learning and the result of hard work. in its future work and learning, i will be the cause of their infinite love for education and dedication, to be creative and work ethic of cooperation for the cornerstone of learning progress, as a cost engineer, the work of their own personality permeate the work of the project management .

  social practice of learning, let me realize that teamwork is the work of the importance of synergy between the ability of my colleagues is a necessary condition for the development. optimistic, positive, good attitude will allow me to work quickly to find their own values and find a sense of belonging! work is their life after a large part of why i treasure the work! i hope i can get work! i love to engage in the cause of your organization, eager to look forward to your leadership, for the glorious cause of building blocks. if your organization can provide a copy of my employment, i will be very grateful, and take concrete actions to prove that they live up

  to your choice. i really want the job, work in your company!

  i firmly believe that no-regrets options in your company, hope you can give me a chance, i have the confidence and ability to prove that: you will have no reason to regret on my choice!



英文的自荐信 篇6

  I wish to apply ancient, this will have the horses. Would like to take your horses eye, begin my journey of a thousand miles.

  "Blast Jincao know, Luyao horse." Just a few simple pages of my "packaging" and "advertisement", "products" their "quality" and "performance" to be you "use" to prove. Thank you for your busy schedule to read my written down.

  Served as the President of the Student Union for a year I have strong organizational skills and social skills, can work well independently and with others co-operation in the Association, to promote team spirit, of the various activities have been widely acclaimed. I thought the requirements in progress, and strive to cultivate the ideological and moral qualities, and enhance their own self-cultivation, has won "outstanding cadres of university students," and so on, and become a glorious party members. "Serve the community" is my duty, "work" is the credo of my life, "young", "plasticity" is my capital. "Prudent", "hard", "serious" and "strive to enrich," is my personal characteristics.

  As the heaven revolves, the gentleman should improve himself. The success of the cause of the need for knowledge, perseverance, sweat, the perfect combination of opportunities. Similarly, a unit of employees of the need to honor their selfless dedication. I urge your organization for giving me a chance, let me become one of you, I will be very enthusiastic and hard working your return, and very happy to work with colleagues in the future for the cause of our common dedication all the good talent!

英文的自荐信 篇7

Dear Sir or Madam:

  First of all, let me give you my warmest greetings and best wishes! Thank you in advance, as well, for your time and consideration of my application.

  I graduated from university nine years ago and have been working for a state-owned insurance company since that time. These nine years have been a long, challenging period that has provided me with abundant social interaction and work experience. I have gained job skills and made personal connections in certain social circles within the insurance industry. Whereas I had obtained my CET-4 certificate before my graduation with my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, I continued working to obtain my PET-4 and WSK certificates while employed full-time. I am an advanced eaker of English as a second language, as I put my English to use at work and in my personal life every day to some extent. I expect my English skills to serve me well in my future occupation.

  In consideration of my work experience and my devotion to the insurance industry, as demonstrated by my tenure in my current position, I hope to be considered favorably for employment at your company. During the aforementioned nine-year period, I have worked as a salesman, an assistant to a regional manager, an investigator, and a chief underwriter at the head office at China Insurance in Beijing.

  Should you grant me a personal interview, I would be most grateful. If you would like to know more about me, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. I thank you again for your consideration and look forward to meeting you.


英文的自荐信 篇8

dear mr。gao:

  i am seeking an operations management position at the plant, division or corporate level with a major player in the food and beverage industry。 please consider my credentials。

  as my resume will show, i have had excellent progression in the field of operations management with one of the top u。s。 consumer products companies。 pepsi—cola, as you may know, has been ranked by fortune magazine among the top 6 best run companies in america。

  in my current posit on as group plant manager for pepsi west i have been credited with annual cost savings exceeding $2 m ion as the result of several innovative cost reduction programs recently implemented。 i have just been awarded pesi’s coveted “high performer award“ for my contributions。

  prior assignments have been equally productive, and i have consistently demonstrated the ability to achieve superior results。 i pride myself on staying current in all major new developments in the field of operations and push hard for the implementation of those that will readily increase ease of operations and reduce operating costs。

  should you be in the market for a proven contributor as a member of your operations team, mr。 klein, your time would be well spent in meeting with me。 much of what i have already done at pepsi might well be transferable to redding beverage, and could result in substantial savings to your company。

  should you wish to contact me, i can be reached during the day at 377—0925, or at the above number during evening hours。

  thank you for your consideration。


英文的自荐信 篇9

  dear sir/madam:

  your advertisement for a network maintenance engineer in the april 10 student daily interested me bacause the position that you described sounds exactly like the kind of job i am seeking. according to the advertisement ,your position requires top university,bachelor or above in computer science or equivalent field and proficient in windows nt4.0 and linux system. i feel that i am competent to meet the requirements. i will be graduating from graduate school of tsinghua university this year with a m.s. degree . my studies have included courses in computer control and management and i designed a control simulation system developed with microsoft visual interdev and sql server. during my education, i have grasped the principals of my major and skills of practice. not only have i passed cet-6, but more important i can communicate with others freely in english. my ability to write and speak english is out of question. i would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume and if there is any additional information you require, please contact me.

  i would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.

  with many thanks.

  wang lin











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